Your Twenties

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This post will be written by 6 hands. None of them are only 20 years old. Nothing fair to talk about this age with no experience about it.

Your twenties. A time of many doubts, insecurities and wrong decisions. Many choices may *definitely * influence your future. Others can be shaped toward your goals. Let’s take a guide on the main choices and their consequences.


You have twenty years of formal education in your back. The same knowledge that adds no useful value in the pursuit of financial success. It’s time to look for alternative education. If you are not reading books outside of the classroom you are allowing the traditional educational system to have more influence on your upbringing than it should.

Look for topics of your interest and read all you can about it. If you are reading this post, probably your interest is to make money. So go and look for good materials (by the way, there’s a lot of rubbish in this segment for naive looking shortcuts)

Reading is similar to investing as the payoff is far in the future, one day you’ll have a chance to make a connection with a higher up on an obscure topic and ideally you’ll have the ability to add to the conversation.


You are new (a piece of ingenuity shaped by traditional education). There is a huge industry out there looking for the naive. They will push down motivational products and all that crap that creates a legion of sheep. In the end, you will ALWAYS depend on this motivation and will depend on this source just as a smoker needs nicotine.

Look for legitimate mentors. Those who have no conflict of interest with their development. Hardly a youtuber selling a product will not have a conflict of interest. After all, how will you be a recurring source of income if you no longer need motivational pills?

If you want to make money, look for mentors who have actually made money. Use them as a source of knowledge resources. Make a careful search. It is easy to be seduced by motivational discourses. This shit is like heroin. When you fall into the real, the world collapses on your back.


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Forget the feelings (it ‘s just for a minute, I promise). Now analyze * rationally * about your friends. Now imagine that your friends are a corporation. Each one of them. Now answer the question: would I invest in this stock and hold it for at least 20 years? If the answer is NO, you are wasting your time.

These people are holding you back. They are dragging you down. You’re being suffocated as you stand in your comfort zone. If you want to be rich, look for these three characteristics in your friends:

Money: You must have a close friend who is wealthy. The wealthier the better. You begin to absorb the thoughts of a rich man. It’s quite different from your friends who will die in dead end job. My own experience can state that it is COLOSSAL the difference of mindset.

Hard Work:  Just like money, this mindset thing about hard work is contagious. Forget lazy friends. You will start to become as mediocre as they. Choose friends who think incessantly about success and you’ll see how much it can help you.

Good track record: Hardly a friend without good results in life can give you useful advice about something. Forget them. Search for a man who has overcome more in his life than you have… and succeeded. You’ll be motivated instantaneously (here is not a foolish motivation requiring payments to any youtuber). And you may also listen carefully to his advice.


You are reading this post because you want avoid all the downsides in walking towards your goal – be rich. So we need to warn about the wedding. From the rational point of view, marriage is the biggest downside a man can have. Equation to Remember: 50% zero financial impact and 50% losing half your assets

Even with premarital agreement you don’t have the guarantee that you will not be financially destroyed when you divorce.  Some men simply never recover from a divorce, both financially and emotionally. We are highlighting the great risk you are about to avoid.

If you’re in your twenties, the chances of marrying the woman who will fuck your goals are even greater. You are simply playing against the house, just like Vegas. So let’s think about marriage (not much to think about, but anyway if you want) AFTER your twenties.

Marriage is still taboo. But we do not give a damn about taboos. We are helping you to be rich. So keep in mind the fucking risk of getting married.


You will never get really rich working for someone else. But that does not stop you from working for someone for a short time (ten years in the worst of scenarios). The goal here is simple: get the most capital ($) and maximum knowledge.

After your experience as an employee, you must have money to start your own business and knowledge to survive in the market. If you did not get any of those two, well… you will get your thirties at a serious disadvantage.

There are also those who gather so much money, who can live on passive income from investments. Anyway, we suggest you not settle. Nothing is guaranteed, after all. It is always necessary to increase sources of income.


1)Look for good books and mentors. They are essential to your alternative education.
2) Pay attention to your social circle and your affective choices. They can be a barrier to your financial success.
3) Marriage is like playing against the las vegas casinos.
4) Understand the reasons for working. If you want to be really rich and are working for someone else, then rethink.

“If you’re in your twenties, the four things you should avoid like an Ebola victim bleeding out in Times Square are debt, marriage, children, and wasting assets.”



  1. Ok, this may sound stupid but I will open my heart here. Sorry for the text wall.

    I have a problem finding mentors. I came from a middle class family where there are no wealthy people.
    My parents and my brother are small entrepreneurs, and my sister is a former entrepreneur who is a now a public employee.

    So, almost every advice I take serious came from some blogs (WSP, and now this one), YT channels and a bunch of books.

    It’s hard for me to create a “game plan” when the most “palpable” advice I get is from trial and error.
    I completely drop out school last year after realizing how the educational system was fucking my long-term goals (I’m currently 16. I know, this may sound stupid).

    Since this, I started a couple startups (which failed), and after losing some money, time and energy because of these “gurus of entrepreneurship” (yeah man, this shit is like heroin), I decided first to start building a career, a non-scalable business. Basically, i started a software house company because I need gather some money before starting anything else. It’s going well so far.

    Parallel to this, I continue to try building a scalable product (the problem with this so far is that I’m not good at finding customers and… I have ZERO experience in most markets, what makes the product development much more hard. Finding a mentor with some market-specifically knowledge would be especially helpful here).

    So basically, the only knowledge I’m getting is from my own errors, family members errors and… internet advice!

    The only person who came near a figure of a mentor is my brother. But he is with a lot of debt, stucked in a failing marriage and with his health fucked up. So I have my doubts before taking any of his advice.

    Where can I find such mentors? How did you find yours? Or am I getting all this “mentor thing” wrong?

  2. You have to look at it objectively. The vast majority of people have a conflict interest with your objectives.

    Parents are protective. They’re going to try and ensure that you do the right thing of what they think is the right thing. So, for example, they’re taking a job it’s safe. In this case, parents have a conflict of interest: emotion. In the end, they want to keep you from getting hurt. It does not mean that they are evil. It means they let the emotions speak.

    Another example of conflict interest is the mentors in a company. Do you think someone will teach you the way to success so you can steal his job? A lot of naivety.

    My advice for seeking mentors: you have seek out mentors that don’t have conflict of interest. Successful people that do not have a conflict of interest. Look for the right sources.

    Finally, beware of false mentoring. Spare cheap motivation disguised as mentoring. This is for the losers who spend hours in the FB or IG, and complain that they don’t have time to read a decent book or listen to someone who is *really* successful.

  3. Let me give my opinion.

    I agree with both, TR and J. Wes on comments but I can see in a different way.

    In my opinion the text is right because nobody like poor friends. Who wants some friends that look for you as a bank and all the time ask money? In the other hand J. Wes is right because it’s not easy to find the mentor.

    My interpretation about that is: You need to be a such kind of mentor to find another goos mentor. It’s mean, you need to be in place with mentors and you’ll know others mentors. You can’t search for a mentor just to follow him and ask about your doubt. You need to share with the mentors. You need to be useful for a mentor also.

    If you a part of a group like this you’ll probably grow faster than you think because you’ll push yourself to do that.

    Some blogs are such kind of place to find mentors but you need to share information also.


    1. Great comment BPM.

      No mentor alone can develop a person. It is necessary to absorb knowledge from various mentors, because no one is an expert in all areas. In addition, there are a variety of profiles that may (or may not) be useful to the student.

      And yeah! The internet has made this connection to the unimaginable corners of the planet.

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