Where do you fit into The Social Pyramid?

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Basically most people wake up wanting to be better in many ways. The main thing, invariably, is to be richer. What separates boys from men is the execution of desire on the realist plane. The guys on this blog know how to do it.

One of the vital rules of this blog is to only allow posts from authors part of the 1%. $ 750,000 Net Worth does not look like a lot of money. In a Nordic country, NY, London and Tokyo you would fit into a ‘average’. The story is different in developing countries. With the exception of Brazilians, our audience is composed mostly of Americans, Swedes, Germans and Italians, so let’s assume a  globalized scenario

To be honest, historically the pyramid is always the same. Economic systems change (feudalism, capitalism, communism, etc.) but the pyramid with broad base, tapered body and tiny top. Is like an intertemporal law. Leaving aside the moral and philosophical aspects – which are beyond the scope of this blog – let’s talk about the social pyramid from a financial point of view.


This is where the absolute majority of global society is. Obviously the distribution is not egalitarian. You do not find wealthy subjects under $ 10,000 in Singapore as you would find in Sudan. In any case, the bottom of the pyramid is overwhelming.

Here are the workers that the market finds easily replaceable. Mechanical functions, without the need for reasoning or creativity. Remember Titanic? This is the boiler house. Dirty, hot, uncomfortable and without any perspective. One died, another is ready to replace.

The difficulty will be great, because here the differentiation is non-existent. Most people do not have contacts or anything attractive to the market. You are playing in HARD mode. Some attitudes can be taken for you to get rid of this muddy area. Beginning with education and avoiding basic pitfalls like financed cars.

Wealth position below $ 10,000 dollars. 70% of the world population.


We go up one floor and things start to smell middle class. We found a car in the garage, a house financed,  desperation to pay the bills and the constant fear of unemployment. Here we find workers with a reasonable degree of education. Those followers of the whole social book already known: flaunt what used the credit card to buy.

Thanks to this bracket that governments sustain themselves through taxes, after all the former class is extremely poor to sustain themselves and support the bureaucrats.

Tips for getting out of this piece? Avoid financing homes, wasting time on social networks and caring VERY well than it does in twenties. This period makes all the difference.

Wealth position between $ 10,000 dollars and $ 100,000 dollars. 23% of the world population.


We begin to smell imported perfumes and experience the pleasures of new luxury cars. Paradisiacal trips mixed with the concern to send the children to the universities. 

The standard of living requires a constant effort to income. And a turning point in the market or an amazing crisis can make a family turn upside down. Here are the professionals with recognized talent in the market and even small business owners.

In this range we have several pitfalls. As the standard of living is something that all humans seek to improve, when it is at risk of falling, irrational choices are made. Strangely enough, the biggest dangers here are houses that are out of reach, cars that are extremely expensive, and unexpected job losses due to a crisis (for example, a management position in a high-end company).

Wealth position between $ 100,000 dollars and $ 1,000,000 dollars. 6,5% of the world population.


Financial independence is a reality. Maybe not complete independence, after all constant withdrawals and no income entry, turns a million dollars into ashes. But the need to work by obligation no longer bother, and a valuation of TIME is prioritized.

You have free time to do whatever you want. You can use it to study topics of interest, start new ventures or spend time drunk with prostitutes. It’s up to you. Usually the people who arrive here tend to continue on the journey, so time is generally well used for new sources of income.

We remember that the purpose of this blog is not to discuss the morality or philosophy behind the pursuit of absolute happiness. We only deal with money. If you need some metaphysical explanation for the pursuit of happiness, you can go to other blogs.

Wealth position above $ 1,000,000 dollars. 0,5% of the world population.


The Brazzilionaires want to know your audience better. We conclude with three basic questions to our reader:

A) Which floor are you on?

B) What risks do you see in your walking that keep you from moving forward?

C) What risks do you perceive as threatening and which can lead you downstairs?



  1. Hi TR,

    Diferente from Maslow pyramid where you can go reaching next steps, this pyramid is more difficult to reach another level. We have a enemy when we try to get higher and it’s called Government.
    I think I’m on the third Floor.
    The only risk I can see os myself. Even the government can’t stop me if I want to pursuit wealth. I can work more if the government increase the taxes and I’m only saying that because you wrote that it’s only about money without emotional thoughts.
    Só, the last answer again it’s only me myself, my own person, my ego kkkkk

    1. The view from the third floor has already started to stay pleasant, BPM.

      You have an interesting perception. From the moment you put the solutions to your problems in yourself, you are much more likely to succeed than the one who believes in external factors. Of course there are external interferences – as you mentioned the government by way of example – but your thinking model is much more productive for those who want to reach the top.

      Yes, the blog leaves aside the philosophical, moralistic, metaphysical, whatever is subjective in relation to human feelings. Each person defines what is important to them, and we have no interest in defining what is. Focus here is money.

  2. Despite the distance, his thinking model is no different than the Nordics with a reputable bankroll. Im on the third floor, but my family is on the terrace for a long time. The biggest enemy is my work sector, because I depend on income from work… so if things go wrong I’m fucked. My biggest ally is the internet, which offers countless possibilities, such as online sales. I also read the WSP and they are masters at it.

  3. Im not brazilian. Anyway the content here is global. The prejudice of the emerging ones exists. I still have. But knowledge of the site is changing my view. I thought that Latin America was a single retrograde thinking. My mistake.

    Im on the third floor, but with real possibilities of getting to the top. Quite realistic about this: ownership is essential. No chances working for someone.

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