Professional Sports: The Real-Life Casino

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Old veteran of the ‘Grande Armée’, commanded by Napoleon. From 1805 to 1809, scored a streak of historic victories that gave the French Empire an unprecedented power over the Europe.


Ever heard of democracy? “All are equal and have the same value. There are no hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges.” ZZZzzzZZZ

We will speak the only thing we consider democratic: time. All inhabitants of this planet have the same 24 hours a day. African, European, Asian, low, poor, tall, rich, ugly, beautiful, EVERYONE has exactly the same 24 hours.

What most people do not realize is that money can be recovered. TIME never. TIME is scarce, money is infinite: while there is a machine printing coins and creating digits on a computer, we are not able to do the same over time.


Decisions in Youth

How many people regret the decisions they made when they were young? There are fallacies propagated about “it is never late to begin.”

You can not start your career as a professional sports player at age 50 (except for golf). If you did not destroy high school games, shined like a star in the NCAA, FORGET (in the Brazilian case, it’s basically the same scenario in ‘young categories’ of top soccer club and be elevated to professionals).

Let’s say you’ve shone like a movie star and professional clubs want you just like a girl wants a Channel bag. Well, the scenario is as follows:

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Practical case

Being drafted (for Brazilians: being hired by a professional team) does not mean being a winner! After sifting through life and reaching a professional team, you need to face an even more competitive environment.

Let’s take Football as an example. The scenario for a player is more or less as follows:

A) Draft by an NFL team. Signs a contract that, on average, turns into USD 1,000,000.00 per year.

B) The career of an NFL player lasts, on average, 3 years. Yes, that’s right. THREE YEARS.

C) 1,000,000.00 USD per year x 3 years = 3,000,000.00 USD. However, this bracket is the highest income tax. Nearly half will be destined for Uncle Sam’s pockets. To facilitate the account: there are 1,500,000.00 USD.

D) Lifestyle is expensive. Women, cars, houses, parties, women, parties, women, women, women… In addition it has the percentage of the salary destined to the agents, the press advisers, the personal trainers, the personal psychologists, the alimony, the expenses of the wife, the friends who live without money…

E) After 2 years of NFL ‘retirement’, it is common for the player to declare FAILURE. This happens with 78% OF THE PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS.

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After the choice is made, it is difficult to start again from scratch. While you dedicated your life to the field, your competitors were developing technical skills in the professional arena, evolving skills as salespeople, as entrepreneurs, ultimately making it happen.



A) If you are young and in the age range of 15-20 and have not yet exploded for the sport, THINK GOOD. You can join the ranks of those who bet everything on a sports career and who become a pawn in the ranks of the corporate world.

B) Even if you have incredible potential, be careful. After all the sieges of sports life, the professional world can leave you with nothing in a short time. Statistics are completely against you.

C) If you are a parent who cares about your child’s future, think carefully about the route your child is taking. TIME is the most valuable asset. It can not be recovered. Some choices are for life.

D) Be rational and try to allocate time in activities that dramatically increase your chances of success and not in activities that, despite all media glamor, are more difficult than winning in a blackjack game in Vegas.



  1. TR,

    Time is the most precious thing in life but I think in time in another way. I think in time to be happy and to your wishes come true. I’m very critical when It comes to speak about some kind of frugality and time.

    I have a couple of friend that they are saving money because they want more money in the future, they want to have 3kk to receive profit and it will happen in maybe 15 to 20 years but what are they missing? They are missing that their daughters are growing up. That they won’t enjoy Disney, beaches, parks, farms or whatever they like to do, with their daughters because they are letting the time go and their daughters growing up. When they want to enjoy the money saved, their daughters will be 30 years old.

    We need to enjoy the time and use the equilibrium in our life,


    1. I fully agree BPM

      What is the benefit of achieving financial independence at the age of 80?

      Frugality is not something to be extolled like many websites extol. Time should be used productively in favor of YOUR goals.

      This post is in the sense of showing choices that are not useful in the long term, with low probability of success: professional sports.

      The time spent in these cases is irreversible.


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